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BTC Business Solutions operates as a Sage Accredited Business Partner and Sage Developer. The company is also an Accredited Business Partner for SageCRM and ACT! software, vital tools in particular for sales and marketing operations where keeping track of your customer contacts is so important to compete effectively and to provide good service. The Sage software products include:

Sage 200


Sage 50

Sage Payroll


Sage Job Costing

Sage MMS

Sage Line 100

Sage Winforecast

As a developer, BTC has expertise both in customising Sage software, particularly Sage 200 but also in building bespoke applications linked in to Sage accounts.


Sage Development


Sage 200, Sage Line 100 and Sage 50 modifications

BTC has implemented many enhancements and integrations to Sage 200, Sage Line 100 and Sage 50. These enhancements can be small-scale (eg screen modifications) or separate large-scale modules (eg chemical formulation handling).

Some examples are as follows:

  • recording new customers while entering orders,
  • recording new products while entering purchase orders,
  • searching for invoice numbers and allocating receipts without having to identify the customer first (useful where head office payments do not specify which branch),
  • automatic addition of pre-priced warranties and promotional items to product orders,
  • automated sales order processing from order entry to completion,
  • XML integration,
  • Sales  and Purchase Ledger invoice integration from/to CSV files and SQL databases

… and many more. Call us (01274 693914) for further details – we may already have exactly what you are looking for!





Steel fabrication software

Keeping track of projects and stock for steel fabricators is complex – the steel is bought rolled in tonnes and sold in square metre lengths often over many months. The software facilitates scheduling, stock management, project assessment and shortly will communicate with the shop-floor manufacturing machines. This software works with Sage 200 data updating stock and customer records in the Sage database throughout the process.

Catering industry software

Maintaining a calendar and a detailed record of the requirements of each function as well as recording all communication against each function are the key features of this program. The user has therefore the ability to give customers an efficient and slick service, minimizing the risk of errors and releasing time for other activities such as marketing and selling. Links in to Sage 50 if required.

Printing Industry software

This software follows the printing industry’s business processes from estimating and quoting right through to invoicing of the completed work with links in to Sage 50 for credit control and accounting purposes.

Moorings, Camp Site, Caravan Site management

Bored with manually inputting umpteen dozen invoice item lines for moorings/plots/electricity/gas etc into Sage every month/quarter? Fed up with the mistakes? Let our simple to use spreadsheet based solution help to automate the process, eliminate the errors and leave you time to devote to other activities.

Retail sector – white goods, electronics …

Our software is built around Sage 200 and provides many labour-saving improvements to the standard software including entering new customers and products “on the fly”, viewing buying prices and selling prices when entering orders/invoices, automatically asking for and adding warranties and/or promotional products to customer’s orders/invoices. All this together with the acclaimed Sage accounting functionality.
Wholesale sector – hardware, domestic equipment (purchase requirements):

This is an application built in Sage 200 which enhances the automated purchase requirements routine giving the user greater control over what to include in his forward requirements from suppliers. The application takes into account current stock levels judged against reorder levels; sales orders unfulfilled on the system, both allocated and/or unallocated; future purchase orders due to be received (NB the user can enter a date after which scheduled future purchase orders are NOT taken into account). This gives the user the ability to address in particular the immediate needs of his business. He also has the flexibility to assess requirements by Product Group, or by Supplier or by Location or by all 3. This gives the user the targetted information and relevant purchase orders quickly and efficiently, to meet a dynamic and fast-moving product range and business.

Chemical Blending/Formulations software:

We have an application for the blending and fomulating sector of the chemical industry. Using the link with the Customers and Products modules of Sage 50, the user can enter complex chemical formulations and instructions based on the raw material information in Sage (SG, weight etc). Quotes and Works Orders can then be created for given quantities and packages (5L, 20L, IBC etc). The application shows the profit on the quote/order taking account of both raw material and packaging and allows the user to see the effects on the profit if the specification is altered or prices change.

Commercial Websites:

Program to transfer orders and invoices from commercial websites into Sage and to pass back stock information (levels, date of next delivery) from Sage to the website so that customers can see quantities in stock and quantities due to be delivered and when.

BTC Business Solutions more than just technology!


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